Eye of the Hurricane

March 12, 2009

Miami needs to apologize

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Every Hurricanes fan, and really anybody forced to watch today’s game against Virginia Tech should be personally apologized to by Frank Haith and the entire team.  

It was truly the poorest display of execution you may ever see at this level. The team stressed getting the ball inside and exposing Tech’s weakness in the paint. Instead Miami missed an uncountable number of easy shots underneath, and supplemented it by missing any other shot as well. The defense was absolutely pathetic, any team that can actually make wide open threes could have beaten the Canes by 50 easily. 

It was the story of the entire year wrapped into one excruciating performance. A terrible start (the team’s trademark) followed by a great run that gave fans a glimmer of hope. Then they tried as hard as possible to let everybody down in the most embarrassing way possible. Last week it was a loss against a bad Georgia Tech team, a game which was never even close after the first five minutes. Today it was jacking up terrible shots and watching the Hokies run up and down the floor on a 14-0 second half run. 

Today it was everything imaginable. Missed free throws, turnovers, not closing out on three point shooters, no transition defense, and no offensive period.  

Lets face it the team was just not very good. Hurdle proved last year was an admiration, and Collins was nowhere to be found in the middle on either end of the floor. These were supposed to be some of the leaders. McClinton won games with his ability alone. The struggles offensively all year were pure lack of exectuion. Does the team have a bunch of players who just are not very good? Or just a bunch of players who have no idea how to execute an offensive after three or four years in college? Or is Frank Haith just a very good recruiter and a terrible coach? 

Either way it made for an embarassing end to the most dissappointing coaching and playing performance in the team’s recent memory.


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