Eye of the Hurricane

March 5, 2009

Dream Deferred

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Last night the Miami Hurricanes had an opportunity to make up some space in the ACC and continue to fight for a tournament Bid. In a horrible showing the Hurricanes were dominated by Conference Worst Georgia Tech. They never surrendered the lead.

The Hurricanes could not make any shots, while it seemed Lewis Clinch made all his shots for Georgia Tech, including 9-of-16 from beyond the arc.

Any ideas of a tournament are slowly dissapearing, and Coach Haith is right to want to focus on saturday games instead of continue to talk about the tournmanent. He has bigger issues to face.

Not only did his team just lose to the worst team in, an albeit very strong, the conference but they did so without putting up a fight. Even if the team could make the tournamnent, they really haven’t earned in the least.

As Hurricane fans mourn the latest dissapointing loss, they most also begin to get used to the idea of an even bigger loss. Star Jack McClinton had his second bad game, nursing a knee that has clearly not recovered.

He had only 13 points and the Hurricanes continue to prove they can’t stand up when he doesn’t lead.

The season is almost over but the last few games seem a horrible precursor for next season when our star will not be there. We’ve waited all year to see who would step up and fill his shoes but no one has  proven themselves worthy to replace him.

No wonder there’s so much hype for the recruiting class but it seems, hopefully, that the stature of the University of Miami team would yield a better product than one depending on recruitment.

By now there should have already been built a stronger base around McClinton with a truly dependable roster.


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