Eye of the Hurricane

March 3, 2009


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The calls come from all corners of the American Airlines Arena, from Uptown to the baseline seats. Whenever Dwyane Wade shoots free throws in front of his South Florida base that loves him as none other this side of Dan Marino, the “M-V-P” chants start. It does not matter that this game is in November against the lowly Indiana Pacers, or a meaningless early February tilt against the Los Angeles Clippers. The fans want it known that Wade’s renaissance should bring hardware.

Should, and would in many other years. Not this one though.

LeBron James proved those believers (this author included) wrong on a chilly March night in Miami. He and his Cleveland Cavaliers took Wade’s best shot – a 41 point outburst, along with 9 assists, 7 rebounds and 7 steals – and still came out on top. How did they do this? Well, double teaming Wade near half court helped cause turnovers, sure, but the Heat’s firestarter still blasted off. Instead it was James taking over this game with a lethal repertoire of outside jumpers and inside drive and dunks. Aided by his sharp-shooting sidekick Mo Williams, James helped the Cavs claw back from down 11 in the fourth quarter on the road for a dramatic victory. Yet, it was James who did what Wade supposedly does best – take over the game in crunch time. The man known as King scored 8 straight Cavs points in the final 3:30 of the game, turning a 93-92 Heat lead with 3:47 remaining into a 100-95 Cavs lead with 42 seconds left. And the way in which he did this was unstoppable: two three-pointers and a drive past Mario Chalmers for a game-sealing dunk after the Heat re-trimmed the Cleveland lead to 98-95.

In essence, James out-Waded Wade, showing he could change the game from any angle on the floor. Well done, King James. You are truly this season’s Most Valuable Player.



  1. Hogwash, you actually took the time to write this dribble. Give me a break. What are you on Lebron’s payroll? Are you from Cleveland? You and I both know Mo Williams was the reason the Cav’s won, even Israel Guiterez said in the Herald today, don’t you read? So get off Lebron’s jock man, seriouslly!

    Comment by wood21 — March 3, 2009 @ 11:25 am | Reply

  2. Leaving my personal feelings against the state of Ohio and in support of Dwyane Wade, I once again state that yes, Mo Williams was huge in bringing them back, but LeBron put the game away, which is supposedly what Wade does better than anyone. I had not seen someone outduel Wade like that before. If he gets beat by someone at his MVP move, that guy is the MVP, end of story, no matter how you and I feel about Wade or the Heat.
    And do I care what Israel Gutierrez says? Well, I’m my own journalist and I wouldn’t be if I just followed what other people said. Get real!

    Comment by tranquilo1212 — March 3, 2009 @ 11:45 am | Reply

  3. Your point is well taken, but I have to have the last word(at least until you reply). You my friend are having a bromance with Lebron. I tell you what why don’t the two of you go out for dinner and drinks one night on South Beach. We all know he loves it there. Once you and him are nice and tipsy you should tell him what you have wanted to for so long. It should read as follows: “Lebron, I love you, I wouldn’t know what I would do without you, don’t ever leave me!”

    Comment by wood21 — March 3, 2009 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

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