Eye of the Hurricane

February 17, 2009

There’s No Place Like “The Light”

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The tradition that is Miami Hurricanes baseball starts up again this weekend, as the Canes begin their season with a four game series against Rutgers. Miami will play two seven inning games on Saturday along with the normal games Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

And with the dawn of a new season, the newly renamed Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field will be buzzing when first pitch comes around 7pm this Friday night. And to me, there is no better place than “The Light” to watch a baseball game, with the great following the team has from the local community, the great baseball being played, the booming voice of longtime PA Announcer Jay Rokeach, Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” played at nine o’ clock on a Saturday,  Dollar Hot Dog Nights, and of course, the legendary milkshakes (my personal favorite being the recently added Jayro- double fudge chocolate).

“The Light” to me, is a place where for 3 hours or more, everything seems so tranquil. It’s like you are shut off from civilization for most of the game, with only the occasional MetroRail train passing by breaking the spell and it is also the only place on Earth that I know of where you can see a green and orange Maniac strip off his jersey and dance to the song “Apache”. From the “Ball Two” and “Rag Arm” chants, to the playing of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” at the top of the eighth inning (though that one was probably stolen from a certain MLB stadium that I believe starts with “Fen” and ends in “Way”), its certainly the place to be five days out of the week. She may have undergone a minor facelift this offseason, but she’s still got that charm that have kept fans in love for as long as they have known her.

Any of you have any great memories or stories from The Light? Is there a place that tops the stadium in your book in terms of atmosphere? And with the name change, will you still call it The Light, or do you have a new nickname for the place?


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