Eye of the Hurricane

February 12, 2009

Colossus in Columbus

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To most of Latin America, the US is the ever distant colossus of the North.

A paradise land that everyone, however reluctantly or bitterly, wishes they could be part of or at least they wish their country could somehow aspire to be like them.

Up until a couple of years ago, a lot of these countries could at least play the soccer card.

They may be better at every other sport (exclude baseball for the Caribbean countries). They have the strength to at will destroy economically, politically, or militarily any other country in the hemisphere. But at least we could still beat them at soccer, right?

The US Soccer teams defeat against Mexico marks a new trend that is bound to bring a new bout of depression to at least those in the northern part of the Hemisphere–at least Argentina and Brazil will always be able to beat the US.

The US has now won 11 straight times against Mexico in the US. The only player on the 18 player squad that had scored against the US is naturalized, of Brazilian descent. It’s not that Mexico can’t win; they can’t even muster up a dignity score.

The problem after all is that the US does not play that well. The Latin American countries are just going about their usual under achieving mentality, and its not just the Latin American countries.

Really Canada? You can’t qualify to the hexagonal against Jamaica, Honduras, and Mexico?

Granted, Mexico only qualified based goal difference with Jamaica.

The US is the only of the three big teams that has grown along with its opponents while Canada and Mexico are still lethargically lingering along expecting to qualify because three teams get in, a fourth in a playoff with south America.

And really who was going to eliminate them? Honduras? El Salvador? Trinidad?

The Concacaf is still a joke of a conference and any of the three North American countries not qualifiying doesn’t deserve to take part in regional, much less international competition

 Not because they have better players or better talent but simply form a standpoint of resources. There are countries in this division that don’t even have their own stadiums.

Mexico unless they have a horrid meltdown ( akin to their captain kicking the opponent’s goalie and getting ejected in the 65th minute) will qualify. It would no longer be suprising if Honduras and the US qualified on top, with Mexico coming in a close third.

However, they must be careful not to let a sleeper team like Costa Rica or Trinidad slip by them. There would be no excuse for it. Mexico is a better team in every aspect of the game.

If the US can get reduce itself to take the other teams in the division seriously, then why can’t a team like Mexico that is slowly losing the little edge it had over its northern neigbor? Talent wise, they’re still a better team than them as well but apparently they don’t care enough to show it.

At the same time, the US needs to be careful to not get CONCACAF Fatigue. They will, or SHOULD, qualify as number one. They should have an easy job of it with perhaps a slip or two against Honduras or Mexico being justified.

Being number one in CONCACAF means nothing but going into the world cup as the most unprepared, overhyped team there except for maybe Australia.

As much as it hurts to say it, beating Mexico is not really gloating material for a serious soccer team–its a simple perfunctory procedure.


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