Eye of the Hurricane

February 8, 2009

The Glass Ceiling/Confessions of a Shopaholic

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So let me state some obvious facts that will help you follow this rant/post: 1) I’m a student at UM, 2) I’m a double major in broadcast journalism and sports administration, 3) I want to be an on air reporter and columnist like my hero Stephen A., and 4) I’m a minority woman…talk about a handicap.

I’ve learned one think while I’ve been at UM, that being a woman in the sports reporting arena is very difficult…and by difficult I mean completely one sided and at times unfair.  Being a woman in sports is a constant battle between two worlds.  You have to follow different standards than the guys and you have to put more effort into having a conversation about Kobe than the dude that’s seen two Lakers’ games in his entire life.

When I want to talk about basketball (one of my all time favorite sports) I prefer to take the Dan Le Batard approach.  I’m not interested in statistics all the time, I prefer to talk about what it is character wise that makes a great team leader or why Tim Duncan will never get the same kind of press because he won’t give into the hype of being a superstar.  But when I do the guys I’m talking to give each other an “it figures” kind of look.  I can hear their minds saying, “well of course this chick doesn’t want to talk statistics…she probably doesn’t even know what she’s talking about, or she just likes looking at the guys.”

I can’t help that when I forget Nadal’s name I tend to refer to him as “The Hot One,” and that I occasionally pass up watching Monday Night Football for Gossip Girl (there’s a reason that TiVo is around).  Its not my fault that I like to look nice when I have to do an interview, and that I prefer leggings and wedges to jeans and tennis shoes.

Any woman that works in sports knows how it feels.  In order to be a reporter I’ve learned that there are two camps…one of the guys, and the hot chick.  I hope that as I make my place in sports I can stand between the two camps and give a place to every woman that feels as frustrated as I do.

Now you may be wondering what started this sudden feminist rant, and no it wasn’t a sudden urge to burn my bras, it was an email I received Saturday on my sidekick.  It was a blog  assignment to watch the UM vs. Duke game and blog about it during and after the game.  Where was I when this game was going on…in the middle of a marathon trip with my mother and best friend at Avetura Mall.  Yea you may be rolling your eyes…but at this poinlingt, I just don’t give a hoot.


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