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February 2, 2009

Keeping National Signing Day In Perspective

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Now that the Super Bowl is over, the next big day for Miami Hurricanes fans comes on Wednesday, February 4th. And many would say it’s not because the Hurricanes basketball team plays Wake Forest at home that night. No, for many the drama comes perhaps hours earlier in the day, when the nation’s high school football recruits are finally able to sign their Letter of Intent for their respective college, in a spectacle that has reached very tall proportions. While it is not quite as Super a spectacle as that of the Steelers-Cardinals game that just reached its final chapter, National Signing Day can be quite the thriller. One whose twists and turns would even make the writers of TV dramas such as 24 and LOST blush.

But is too much attention paid to these young eighteen year olds? Is there too much pressure? Consider this: there are now websites and message boards solely devoted to recruiting, with fanatics buzzing about what that five star quarterback just said about their team to one paper, even though he may have said something completely different a month earlier. Meltdowns and panic are only the norm on these sites, many of which charge for the very latest info.

Recruiting can serve as a beacon of light; that small ray of hope that maybe your team is turning things around, especially after hearing that a four star wideout with 4.3 speed, committed to your alma mater this past weekend after taking an official visit. But with all due respect, what have these kids accomplished for your school in the present by signing on the dotted line? And does a top ten recruiting class year after year really guarantee that your school will actually be in the top ten in the actual rankings for the years to come? Ask Miami fans this question- they’ll give you an answer after the program has gone south from the strong trade winds circa 2001, to the doldrums that was a 5-7 season two seasons ago. Recruiting only does so much, and there are always those diamond in the rough players who are not as hyped, but turn out to be great a la Ed Reed.

So when Miami’s 2009 signing class starts to take shape this Wednesday, keep things in perspective. In the end, it does not matter how many five star recruits a university grabs if they cannot win with those players. It’s about how the newcomers play as a team when they put on the orange and green, and how that translates into wins and losses on the field.



  1. whaaaaaaaaa? Recruiting IS the lifeblood of college football. The rate of success you have is not based on the X ‘s and O’s but the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. Even a HORRIFIC coach like LLLLLLLLarry Coker-who is a super nice guy by the way- can win 2 NC’s (F U Terry Porter) with the rediculatiousnous of talent that Paul Hilton Davis put on that team.

    So yes, we the great unwashed draped in our old school (it ain’t old school if Sebastian doesn’t have pipe in mouth) gear will watch Wednesday as Randy restocks the shelf with more talent than the Maxim Party.

    In 2 years there will be enough talent on our team that Patrick Nix could come back, pull Bobby Drama outta his favorite watering hole in the Grove (a waste is a terrible thing to mind), put him in the shotgun on 4th and friggin 1 and have any RB pound ahead for the first down PLUS some….even the predictable bubble screen coming next would work.

    It’s all about the U!

    Comment by 504Cane — February 2, 2009 @ 7:11 pm | Reply

  2. Recruiting does matter…to an extent. Coaching also matters. Fact of the matter is that The U has been lacking in the coaching department since Coker and still under Shannon. People can praise Randy all they want for his recruiting prowess, but he still has proved to be a horrid game-day coach (see the Emerald Bowl time-management debacle) and a terrible motivator for his players. I/We can only hope that hiring Mark Whipple as the OC/Assist. HC will help to hide his own incompetencies and allow us to win games.

    With the talent there currently is on this team, it is completely unacceptable to finisih 7-6 with a bowl loss (in a pathetic bowl at that). Why is it that we still continue to do WORSE as the year progresses instead of the logical opposite. That right there is the result of poor coaching and therefore lack of player development. What good is a 5 star recruit when the COACHES do not coach them up and develop them properly? Randy should be allowed this season and this season only to win an ACCCG. If he fails, he needs to be out of here. I am sick of people wearing the orange and green glasses; be loyal to the program and NOT the coach. If he doesn’t produce, and therefore hurts our program, can him. This isn’t about Randy Shannon…this is about the entire Miami Hurricane football program. As The Playmaker himself said (or at least I think he did), “The U is bigger than one person…” 2009 season will be do or die, enough said.

    Comment by JBud — February 2, 2009 @ 8:21 pm | Reply

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