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April 10, 2008

Adjusting to Dolphin Stadium

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Hunter raises some good points in discussing the football team’s move to the more distant, and less historic, Dolphin Stadium. However, there is another aspect of Dolphin Stadium that is going to be quite difficult to adjust to. For those of you who have attended a game at Dolphin Stadium, you know that the design and layout of the stadium fosters for a much different environment than at the Orange Bowl. For those of you have never been there, you’ll know what talking about come fall.

Dolphin Stadium has a pro feel to it (as it should as a profession team’s stadium). It feels as though you are no where near as close to the action as it did in the O.B. on Saturday’s. Ironically enough, I was talking to Miami linebacker Kylan Robinson about the move to Dolphin Stadium yesterday afternoon. He said that he’s “not too exicted about it” and that although the facilities and the stadium itself are a lot nicer than the Orange Bowl, “it won’t be the same.” He compared Dolphin Stadium to other stadiums that he has played in around the country during his college career and said that “it just doesn’t have a college atmosphere to it.”

So it seems that while we’ll be experiencing that lack of a college atmosphere in the stands, our Canes will be feeling it on the field as well. Let’s hope that it doesn’t affect their play and that we can still be a valuable “12th man” to give them that extra edge.


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  1. the people making the decisions only care about making as much money as possible..period..dolphin stadium has the means to generate tons of cash, and to them that’s all that matters..amazing how often they hold up romanticized ideals like amateurism, student/athlete, education and experience for the players, tradition of student sections, then make decisions like these based on the bottom line, without consideration what the players or students or public wants..ridiculous the city is tearing down (instead of renovating) the orange bowl without any regard for its place in the city’s history..

    Comment by kr — April 10, 2008 @ 3:13 pm | Reply

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