Eye of the Hurricane

April 9, 2008

The Orange Bowl’s Demise

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People have begun to demolish the Orange Bowl, which Miami’s football team will abandon for antiseptic Dolphin Stadium next season. Miami players and fans love “The O.B.,” but most acknowledge the rank disrepair into which it has lately plunged. Built in 1987, Dolphin Stadium certainly offers greater amenities than the Orange Bowl. On the other hand, it is (according to Mapquest) approximately 20 miles from campus. While not as easily accessible to students as most legitimate colleges’ stadiums, the Orange Bowl is less than ten miles away. Dolphin Stadium is practically in Broward County. It will never achieve the same emotional connection to Miami’s football program as the Orange Bowl. People associated with Hurricanes football are so crazy about the team’s stadium that a former player broadcasting the team’s infamous, brawl-marred game against Florida International yelled “You don’t come into the O.B….,” openly supporting the helmet-swingers because he–and many other fans of Miami–believed that playing in the Orange Bowl as a visitor entailed obligations. There was supposed to be a protocol. Fans of the Hurricanes loved the Orange Bowl to the point of presuming that visiting players were violating the stadium’s sanctity by talking trash. The former player broadcasting the game/brawl loved the O.B. so much that he believed F.I.U.’s disrespect for the stadium warranted flagrant physical abuse. No one will ever scream, earnestly, that “you don’t come into the D.S….,” and that is the problem with Miami’s move north.


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  1. so sad 😦
    the O.B will be missed- some great memories from the student section.

    Comment by csnymiami — April 9, 2008 @ 9:17 pm | Reply

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