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April 7, 2008

Frank Haith’s Extended Contract

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Frank Haith, coach of Miami’s men’s basketball team, has signed a contract extension with the university and will remain under contract through the 2012-2013 season. Having a longer contract with the university ought to improve Haith’s recruiting classes, as potential recruits will know that Haith is here for good. Rewarding Haith for the team’s surprisingly successful season is obviously appropriate. However, the entirety of Haith’s four years as Miami’s coach has not merited this lucrative extended contract. Despite his recent success, the team’s winning percentage declined over his first three years in charge of the program. Miami ought to have offered him a shorter extension now and waited to see next season’s results. This year’s N.C.A.A. Tournament appearance could be a blip on the screen. It was built upon the stellar performance of a transfer from another school (Jack McClinton, formerly of Siena), not a player Haith recruited. A first-team All-A.C.C. player fell into Haith’s lap and rescued him from the awful winning percentage trend (.552, .529, .375 in his first three seasons). Haith may have finally reversed Miami’s course, but the evidence is only anecdotal. Miami would have been wise to make sure that this season was not an aberration. Of course, having said that, Haith may be an evolutionary Billy Donovan, and Miami’s athletic department may be prescient.


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  1. While only time will tell whether this was a good move by the athletic department or not, I have comments to make on two of your points.

    (1) The .375 winning percentage in Haith’s third year was largely due to the incredible amount of injuries that the team sustained, particularly in the front court. As much as I love Keaton Copeland, it’s hard to win ACC games when you’re starting a 6’4″ walk-on at PF. To Haith’s credit, he had the team playing hard, even when the season was over, and an undermanned and injured team still managed to win a game in the ACC Tournament.

    (2) Yes, Jack McClinton was a transfer… so what? Haith is responsible for convincing him to transfer to Miami, so in effect, he recruited him. If you’re not going to give Coach Haith credit for “recruiting” McClinton, then who would get credit? All the players on this team are Haith’s players, except for Anthony King, the only hold-over from the Perry Clark years.

    Comment by OrangeCane — April 7, 2008 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

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