Eye of the Hurricane

February 27, 2008

Spring Practice Day 2

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Cold day to be outside to cover the Hurricanes! 


Head Coach Randy Shannon

On what he is looking for from spring practice

“Our goal is to get things crispy and sharp. Just go out their and execute and have fun. Build on our new offense, our new defense. We want to play with a lot of emotion and excitement.”

Special Chemistry

“A lot of bonding going on. Quarterbacks are always with each other. On and off the field. It’s good that the different teams are cheering for each other on certain situations.”

Humble feeling right now

“I am always humble. It is not going to get me all frustrated or anything else.”

On second day of practice

“It was improvement. Made a lot of plays on offense and some plays on defense. Shorts is shorts. You really don’t know anything until you get into pads.”

On the new coaches coming in and adjusting

“Coaches are always adjusting. That is part of the business. Always try to improve and there doing a great job.”

Having the new freshman around

“It is kind of unique to have these types of guys in January and they bring in a lot of excitement and energy. They are having a good time. The older guys are having a good time with those guys also. It is special for me to see those types of things happen.”


Wide Receiver Kayne Farquharson is becoming the most humble and confident player on the team. He is becoming a great media target because he always has a smile on his face.

“There is 82 ways to the end zone,” laughed Farquharson who wears the number 82.

Red-shirt Freshman Jermaine McKenzie on being back

“I’m really enjoying spring ball. I am 100% percent. I’m ready to go out there and get knocked around.”

Running back Javarris James on last season

“I feel I kind of let my teammates down last year. I played through the neck injury. I have been doing this since my freshman year. It’s hard for me to sit down and not play. Shannon called me a warrior for playing through the pain.”

James on Shannon

“He challenged all of us. Not just me. We want to meet all his expectations.”


Some notes: 

-An interception has yet to be thrown this spring season.

-McKenzie is really focused on being the number 1 receiver. It is still early but he may get it.  He is staying late to work on improving his catching skills even more. 

-No injuries were report today

-Former quarterback Kyle Wright was there. Spent most of his time with Offensive Coordinator Patrick Nix

-Former defensive end Calais Campbell was there as well. 


If there is any special player you want answers from, just drop a comment.

-Lelan LeDoux-



  1. How is Aldarius Johnson looking and does he feel like he has a chance to contribute right away?

    Comment by rosco — February 28, 2008 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  2. Q: How is Aldarius Johnson looking and does he feel like he has a chance to contribute right away?

    A: In the short time, Johnson is looking very confident. He is not dropping that many balls (There is a lot of drop balls from all the receivers so far but its still early). By the time spring ball is over, Johnson will have earned enough respect from wide receiver coach Aubrey Hill to contribute in multiple ways this upcoming season. Him and McKenzie will see time at the flanker and out wide.

    Comment by lledoux — February 28, 2008 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

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